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Is Divorce All About Colliding Relationship Patterns?

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In my way of practicing therapy, relationships work or don’t work based on how the couples’ relationship patterns are meshing or colliding. In my book, The Chemistry Tattoo, I explain in detail how these patterns came to be and why changing them is so important. You can read the book for more details, but simply more »

The Importance of Marriage: Hope and Spirituality

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There are additional aspects to the importance of marriage that I believe are worth thinking about. To continue our discussion from last time, let’s consider human nature and spirituality as they apply to marriage. Whoever thought up the Lottery must have been familiar with the endlessly hopeful nature of human beings. Tell a person he more »

The Importance of Marriage: Why Do People Get Married?

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Some might say that marriage is a given, a bedrock, the entire way we survive as a culture, as a species. Marriage is what relationships are all about and what matters. There is no doubt that marriage has needed to exist for reproduction purposes, for the protection of property, that marriage has been strongly associated more »