Giants’ Travel Odyssey To Milwaukee Included A Bonding Experience For The Lineup, Another Stolen Scooter And A Brush With Trump

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MILWAUKEE – This is not how even years are supposed to start.

The Giants had themselves quite an adventure on the first travel day of the season Sunday night, and the starting lineup ended up having a bonding experience over it.

The team was supposed to arrive in Milwaukee at 6 p.m. Sunday, in preparation for Monday afternoon’s opener at Miller Park. But the Giants found out earlier in the day that their chartered jet had a mechanical issue when a worker cut a wire while loading a new onboard system. The replacement jet had to be flown from the East Coast.

So the Giants hastily arranged a small, private 12-seater – just big enough to carry the starting lineup for Monday’s opener against the Brewers, including Madison Bumgarner. Relievers Javier Lopez and Santiago Casilla grabbed seats as well.

The plan did not go smoothly. First, the SUV that took the players to the airport died en route because of a faulty battery. And then the small jet endured its own mechanical delay. For all their last-minute trouble and expense, the small plane ended up arriving after 11:30 p.m. – barely a half hour before the rest of the team touched down in the replacement jet.

And by the way, the Giants’ charter parked next to Donald Trump’s private jumbo jet. (The primaries in Wisconsin are on Tuesday.)

At least the starting lineup has a story to tell now, after their group odyssey.

The small plane had a couch in the back, and Bumgarner claimed the whole thing for himself. He’s been battling the same touch of the flu that Buster Posey had over the weekend. So he was entitled to it. It’s not like anyone would’ve fought him for it, anyway.

As a member of the traveling party said, “I don’t think anyone was going to ask him to spoon.”

The Giants are having all kinds of transportation issues. Hunter Pence’s scooter was stolen for the second time when two thieves (caught on camera) broke into the Make-A-Wish foundation offices and took it, along with electronics and other items.

Pence’s scooter had been rescued once before, and then donated and sold for $40,000 to benefit Make-A-Wish.

“I feel it’s the Mona Lisa now,” Pence said Monday morning. “Which one is the real one? That’s what it reminds me of — people stealing paintings.”

Does the second theft dent Pence’s faith in humanity?

“No, never,” he said. “There are quite a few people who have donated to Make-A-Wish (because of the scooter publicity). You’ve got to celebrate their accomplishments and what they’ve done, things like the BatKid, not (focus on) a random incident that happened. All the kids they’ve changed lives for, it’s pretty uplifting.

“You don’t know what good will come out of it. In the grand scheme, it’ll work itself out.”

That’s how the Giants have to feel in an even year, no matter how it begins.

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Giants’ travel odyssey to Milwaukee included a bonding experience for the lineup, another stolen scooter and a brush with Trump
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