The 3 Biggest Trends To Watch In Fall TV

Bye then, Roy Price. The head of Amazon Studios resigned on Tuesday amid claims of sexual harassment. Isa Hackett, the producer of The Man in the High Castle, said that Price repeatedly propositioned her in a taxi and at an industry event in 2015. He also allegedly acted inappropriately towards the actress Anna Friel at a dinner during last year’s Edinburgh Television Festival. And the actress Rose McGowan has accused him of failing to report her claim that she was sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein.

Those are serious allegations and it is right that he has lost his job over them. In the aftermath, other stories have emerged about Price’s toxically macho commissioning style, too. At a meeting for Good Girls Revolt, a historical drama about female magazine employees battling sexism in their industry, he apparently pressed three female executives into talking about their drug use and sexual history. He later cancelled the show after one season.

More crucially, he passed on Big Little Lies, HBO’s mega-hit, produced by Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, apparently because it didn’t have enough nudity in it. He reportedly asked a group of Amazon staff if the two stars would “show their tits” and wondered why he would greenlight the show if they didn’t. He refused The Handmaid’s Tale, too – presumably because those Gilead robes don’t show enough ass cheek.

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Instead, Price commissioned a dud, Crisis in Six Scenes, from TV beginner Woody Allen for $80 million, with no questions asked. By contrast, Jill Soloway, creator of arguably Amazon’s greatest hit, Transparent, was forced to go through the pilot process with her follow-up, I Love Dick.

Roy Price apparently passed on this year’s mega-hit ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ in favour of male-led projects. Photo: Channel 4/MGM

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Price also repeatedly pushed his idea for the worst-sounding television show since Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank. Shanghai Snow “follows a young woman named Cindy who is sold into sex slavery. Under the control of a ‘psychotic imperial Thai dwarf’ named Mr. Goodtimes, Cindy is drugged, beaten with a machete and told she will be ‘f****d like a dead fish.”

You what? I can only imagine Price had noticed that tits, dwarfs and dragons helped Game of Thrones become one of the biggest television shows in the world and tried to come up with something similar but forgot about plot, characters and taste.

He reportedly refused The Handmaid’s Tale, too – presumably because those Gilead robes don’t show enough ass cheek

Indeed, Price has shown himself to be dangerously out of step with the times in more ways than one. Big Little Lies won eight awards at this year’s Emmys; The Handmaid’s Tale won five, including the award for outstanding drama series. In film, female-led projects like Wonder Woman and Girls Trip stormed the box office with record-breaking takings this summer.

Audiences are way ahead of Price’s sexist ideas of what entertainment should look like in 2017. Women are in their prime – Amazon could learn something from them.

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