These Pictures Taken On The Pixel 2 Look Stunning

There are increasingly few good reasons to ever upgrade your phone if you don't have to, but one of the few remaining is the camera. The iPhone X has its depth-sensing selfie-cam and dual-camera setup on the back, but the Google's Pixel 2 is no slouch either. Following up the original Pixel and its incredible performance, the Pixel 2 has scored an all time high-score on the go-to benchmark for smartphone camera quality.

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But what does that mean in practical terms? It means its photos can look like this:


All of these photos were shot with the Pixel 2's 12MP camera by Googler Isaac Reynold and other Googlers, and while they certainly show off what this camera can do, don't confuse them for default performance. A bad camera can hold you back when it comes to things like resolution or sluggish shutter speed, but a good camera doesn't automatically make your photography flawless, and you can bet that these photos were taken in the very best of conditions.

Still, shots go to show just how far smartphone cameras have come. You'll be forgiven, though, if you find your current smartphone camera is plenty good enough.

Source: Google Photos

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These Pictures Taken on the Pixel 2 Look Stunning
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