UFC 216: Kevin Lee Barely Remembers Worst Weight Cut Of His Career

As the clock ticked away the Friday before UFC 216, media members in attendance, fans watching live online, and UFC officials and Nevada State Athletic Commission members waited with bated breath. Everyone’s eyes collectively fixed on the scale as the “Motown Phenom” Kevin Lee emerged with seconds remaining to weigh in. The generally confident Lee stepped on the scale and looked dejected as NSAC executive director Bob Bennett read the scale at 156-pounds.

With Lee a mere one pound over the lightweight championship limit of 155-pounds, Bennett announced Lee had an additional hour to cut the final pound. While the media, fans, and surely the UFC breathed a sigh of relief, Lee knew it meant another hour of strenuous weight cutting. During a recent appearance on Chael Sonnen’s “You’re Welcome!” podcast, Lee described his grueling 21-pound weight cut.

“I normally don’t start the water cut until about 10 PM, we dialed it back to 5 PM to give myself the extra time for the extra pound and the weight started coming off quick. I normally go to sleep the night before at about 165, this time I went to sleep about 161 so when I woke up at 5 AM… I was kind of in a good mood like ‘oh, this is gonna be smooth’.”

The day of weigh-ins Lee only had six pounds to lose, three less than what he claims is typically nine pounds. During the first three hours of his UFC 216 weight cut Lee only shed one more pound of weight. Lee and his team were still staring at a five-pound cut with an hour before the scales were open for business.

“The doctor is there, Jeff Novitzky (UFC VP of Athlete Health and Performance) would come check in on me, you know the UFC would come check in because it’s a big event. It’s a huge deal if I miss weight. Right around 10:30 AM is when the doctor came up and we were still a pound and a half over. He said you have to weigh in by 11:00 AM and we’ll give you the extra hour.”

Lee admitted he was praying the NSAC’s scale was off and they’d “give him the pound.” With Lee hitting the scales over the championship limit, he was granted an additional hour to shed the remaining pound. When asked by Sonnen how he did it, Lee couldn’t even recall the full account.

“That last hour that I had to cut that extra pound, I don’t even know how I got it off. I don’t know where I was. Your mind just doesn’t want to work when you’re in those states.

“They had one of those little steam saunas things that you sit in and your head’s exposed. We tried that for the first twenty minutes and that didn’t work. Then we ran right back upstairs to the [hot] bath and hopped in there. Really, like I said, I don’t even remember much. I don’t really know, I was out of it. I just left it up to my coaches and they got the job done.”

Lee claimed the stress of the event and the cut is what he did not manage well throughout the process. Stepping into the octagon for his fight on Saturday, Lee stated he was already back up to 183-pounds, slightly over where he likes to be (179-pounds) on fight night. With a microscope firmly focused on weight cutting issues, Lee wouldn’t mind seeing the UFC open up to more divisions.

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Prior to Fight Night 112, Lee was a vocal supporter for a 165-pound division in an interview with MMA Junkie. Lee continued to carry that sentiment in his UFC 216 post-fight press conference and again in speaking with Sonnen. With the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports adding four new weight classes this past August, a new super-lightweight division may help fighters like Lee bridge the gap in weight cutting.

Regardless of what is next, the “Motown Phenom” sounds more than happy to give it some time to play out after taking four fights in the last year. “I’m gonna let everything shake out. I’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting these past couple months so I need some time to let my body rest.”

“I’m gonna let everything shake out,” Lee said. “I’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting these past couple months so I need some time to let my body rest.”

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